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A Guide to Drinking Loose Leaf Tea Premium sounds like a very fancy and high quality word, but in reality when you use it to describe tea it can be very subjective. Tea companies out there can just grab a label and slap it on their expensive tea products, but since there is no universal measurement for premium products as agreed upon by manufacturers, the word premium is basically meaningless. Other than that fact, green tea is extremely diverse that experts and numerous tea enthusiasts don't agree on a single tea that should take the place of 'best green tea'; these are people who know exactly what they're talking about when it comes to tea. There are a lot of reasons as to why people go on the hunt for the best tea; to serve in their establishment, to give as a special gift for a tea lover, to purchase as something they can personally enjoy while relaxing or just for the taste of it and health benefits that come along. As you're locating for the tea of your life, you need to know where you should start first. Go for Brands and Other Tea Companies that Heavily Focus on Loose-Leaf Green Tea
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Majority of the people living in America are quite frankly only used to drinking tea when they come from packaged tea bags. Without a doubt, a lot of the high quality green tea are available in packaged tea bags, but if you want to drink the best kind of tea out there then opt for tea in the loose leaf form.
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With packaged tea bags you pay for the overall quality of the tea, but in truth that's not all you actually pay for; energy, materials and also the use of various machinery to package the tea. Those that would rather go for loose leaf tea are practically choosing to pay for the better quality compared to packaged tea; the overall process to get loose tea leaf to your local store requires minimum processing and you actually pay for the quality rather than the packaging. Purchase Single-Region or Single Harvest Teas If the tea only has a general label of 'green tea', then expect that it's actually a mix of numerous teas from varying regions, harvests and even kinds. In a single cup, these varieties, regions and harvests actually produce unique tastes and flavors. Tea blending is not unheard of, it's a process that has been used before; unfortunately it's mainly used to blend various tea leaves in order to mass produce the blends, these mass produced blends are of low quality and can be bought in the market for the lowest possible price offered. The best kind of teas in the market will always state useful information about the batch that you're going to purchase; information like the harvest date, region, where it what grown and name of the specific garden and estate.