55Soups are a great appetizer. Different types offer a variety of flavors and textures. More importantly, a bowl of healthy soup with legumes, vegetables and other fiber-rich ingredients nourish the body with essential nutrients. It has also been found that soup consumption helps maintain a healthy weight - according to a recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, soup eaters have better overall eating habits and tend to weigh less compared to those who are not.

So on your next barbecue night, pair your steak with any of these 3 easy healthy soup recipes:

Thick and Creamy Potato Soup

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54What's a better way to add flavor to your drink thank all-natural ingredients like fresh herbs and spices? This is especially helpful if you have started eating healthy. Whether you're aiming for weight loss, a more efficient metabolism or more energy, trust that healthy herbs and spices can help you achieve your goals faster!

Here are 5 refreshing herbs and spices drink recipes you can try at home:

1. Relaxation Potion

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Chili pepper is one of the most popular spices out there. It is also one of the healthiest - it contains up to 7 times more Vitamin C than orange! This spice is also a good source of Vitamins A and E and is known for numerous health benefits such as relieving muscle and joint pains as well as improving digestion.

So if you're in for an appetizing dinner, here are some delicious chili dinner recipes you must try:

Chili and Chicken Stew

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57Fish is just as fulfilling as meat but less the calories. Their meat is extremely versatile as well - they will taste good whether you season them simply with salt and pepper or go all out with a flavorful marinade. One of the most popular fish for grilling is salmon mainly because its meat is firm and hearty. It also has a strong, distinct flavor that is made even better from the smokiness of the grill.

Here are some grilled salmon recipes that you should try cooking for your next barbecue:

Smoky Salmon and Dill

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52Healthy Meal of the Week: Slow Cooked Chicken, Brown Rice & Corn Cob
Healthy Leftover Idea: Chicken Sandwiches

Here's an easy-to-prepare meal using your wonderful slow cooker that may likely be sitting sadly in the corner of your kitchen waiting patiently to be called upon. When planned accordingly, this meal can be all ready to eat when you return home especially if the rice and corn variety you purchase is the microwave type variety. Not to worry if you don't have those or want to spend the extra money on them since the rice and corn will only take about 20 minutes to prepare.

For the leftover meal, you'll have a great handheld treat weighing in only around 250 calories each if prepared as described below.

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